True Shot Bottle Filler

  • $59.49

The True Shot Bottle Filler offers a versatile solution for bottling beverages, utilizing counter-pressure to maintain bottle pressure throughout the filling process. Equipped with two hoses—one for releasing air pressure and the other for filling—the stainless steel bottle filler accommodates both carbonated and non-carbonated beverages. Its adaptability allows it to work seamlessly with various types of containers, including beer or wine bottles, growlers, and other beverage receptacles.

Whether you've already kegged your beer or not, this bottle filler provides flexibility. You can utilize it to bottle directly from a keg to bottles, streamlining the bottling process. Alternatively, it also offers the option to bypass kegging entirely, enabling you to fill your bottles directly from another source.

Connect the included 1/4" beer line to a set of disconnects, liquid and gas, and follow the included instructions to properly purge and fill your bottles.

Comes with:

  • True-Shot Bottle Filler gun
  • 2 lengths of 1/4" beer line
  • Stepless hose clamps
  • Replacement rubber tip

Product Code: KL01229

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