Biofine Clear -  8oz

Biofine Clear - 8 fl oz (236 ml)

  • $26.99

Beer clarity is among the most prized qualities in homebrewing and is often perceived as a signed of the brewer’s skill and proficiency. Besides the purely aesthetic visual aspect of beer clarity, it also contributes to mouthfeel, and also makes the beer free from certain flavour compounds that can affect the overall impression of the product.

To get the best clarity possible without filtering your beer, it’s certainly good to have Biofine Clear in your brewing toolkit.
Description: This liquid fining agent can be used at various stages of beer production, from boiling to bottling, though it’s best to apply Biofine Clear during maturation after primary fermentation has been carried out. It helps to precipitate the yeast remaining in suspension, as well as various proteins and polyphenols, which contribute to beer haze in a matter of just 24 hours.

This agent is so effective and helpful that even commercial brewers tend to use it in order to speed up the maturation process of their beers. So why wouldn’t you use Biofine Clear as well?

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