Bayou Classic Cast Iron 'Banjo' Burner

Bayou Classic Cast Iron 'Banjo' Burner

  • $93.49

This burner is commonly used in the KAB4 and KAB6 'Kick-A-Banjo' series burners and has a maximum BTU output of 210,000. A highly efficient burner brings advantages to both the cost and quality of brewing.

By using gas more efficiently, it helps save on LPG expenses and provides a strong and vigorous boil to eliminate impurities. Furthermore, the burner produces an enjoyable sound when operated at full power!


  • 10" Cast Iron Burner
  • 15" Length
  • Air Control Disc and Spring
  • 3/8" Female NPT orifice Connection
  • Can product over 210,000 BTUs (depending on regulator)

Please note: Propane burners are exclusively intended for outdoor use. It is not suitable for enclosed spaces!

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