Blichmann G2 Linear Flow Valve

  • $98.99

The G2 Linear Flow Valve from Blichmann Engineering offers an innovative approach to controlling liquid flow during sparging, lautering, recirculation in RIMS systems, or when using a wort chiller.

This valve, featuring an easy-to-dissemble design and a 'globe valve' structure, gives you superior control over flow rates, surpassing your typical ball valves.

By simply adjusting the threading between the two parts, you can effortlessly adjust the flow rate, ranging from 0-100%. For example, opening it 1/4 of the way will result in 25% of the maximum flow rate, while opening it halfway will get you a 50% flow rate, and so on.

This valve also offers an ergonomic silicone grip, which ensures it is user-friendly even when hot, allowing for hassle-free adjustments.


  • Stainless Steel (304)
  • 1/2" NPT Threads
  • Tool-free assembly

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