Blichmann BrewMometer Bi-Metal Thermometer - 1/2" NPT

  • $48.99

This thermometer features large lettering, a fine pointer for precise and accurate reading, and it reads in Fahrenheit only 10-220°F.

No more guess work reading the indicator on the thermometer. No more boiling away too much water that can have a large effect on the wort. Moreover, a suggested mash temperature is printed right on the thermometer.

This particular thermometer is an NPT version, it comes with a 1/2" NPT male pipe thread for easy installation on the brew kettle using the right female coupler. It also comes with an o-ring for a leak free seal.

When installing the thermometer, be sure to place it high enough away from the heat but low enough to measure the average temperature of the wort.

  • Features a 3" dial face
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Comes with large lettering and fine pointer for accurate temperature reading
  • NPT version, 1/2" male NPT for easy installation with the right female port
  • Fahrenheit scale only

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