Bayou Classic Complete Poultry Rack Set

Bayou Classic Complete Poultry Rack Set

  • $36.99

This Poultry Rack Set from Bayou Classic comes with everything you see pictured. You can use it on the BBQ or in your oven with a tray underneath, but it is intended for use in a deep pot of hot oil. Immerse your turkey or small bird in a pot of hot oil and enjoy the crispy outside and juicy inside.

Using the seasoning injector to infuse your poultry with different flavourings. Slide your bird onto the perforated rack (with or without using the skewers) and place it in the hot oil. When it is done, use the grabbing hook to take it out of the oil.

Follow your recipe to determine the frying times and oil temperature.

Please ensure that your frying vessel is deep enough to completely immerse the rack with the poultry on it before ordering.

  • 13" High
  • 9.5" Wide
Includes: 3 Piece Skewer Set 2 oz Seasoning Injector Perforated Poultry Rack Poultry Rack Grabbing Hook 12" Probe Fryer Thermometer (50°F to 750°F)

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