Brewer's Best Deluxe Equipment Kit - #1002

  • $183.99

If you’re looking for all the items one would need for fast and easy fermentation and bottling delivered in a single package, the Brewer's Best Equipment Kit - Deluxe - #1002 is exactly what you need.

Comprised of 18 different items, this kit delivers all the equipment you need to take your tasty brew through primary and secondary fermentation, bottling or kegging, and thoroughly clean the equipment afterwards.

Description: Instead of purchasing all the items separately, which you will certainly do at a given point, the Deluxe Brewer's Best Equipment Kit brings them all at once, neatly packed and at a competitive price.

Included is a high quality 5 gallon glass carboy that is optimal for primary fermentation, with special brushes for cleaning after the beer is ready.

The 6.5 gallon plastic bucket can be used for secondary fermentation, conditioning, or as an additional primary fermenter. With the second 6.5 gallon plastic bucket you will be able to bottle the beers in a stress-free way.

And don't forget the siphons, capping equipment, brushes, measuring tools, sanitizers and a cool brew paddle, which will all come in very handy during your brewing and bottling sessions. If you'll get overwhelmed by all the goodies this kit brings you, detailed equipment instructions are also included.
  • Lab Thermometer
  • 5 Gallon GLASS carboy w/ stopper
  • Brew Paddle
  • Bottle Filler
  • Auto-Siphon
  • Carboy Brush
  • 6.5 Gallon Primary Fermenter with Grommeted Lid
  • 6.5 Gallon Bottling Bucket with Spigot
  • No-Rinse Cleanser/Sanitizer
  • Siphon and Bottling Set-up
  • Book
  • Hydrometer
  • Thermometer
  • Bottle Brush
  • Twin Lever Capper
  • Airlock
  • Bucket Clip
  • Equipment Instructions

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