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Carbonation Drops - 9 oz (256 g)

  • $5.89

Carbonate faster and easier with Carbonation Drops! These drops offer an excellent way to carbonate your bottles without having to measure any sugar, sanitize additional equipment, and so on.

Add a single drop straight from the bag to a 12oz bottle (or use 2 for a 22oz bottle)and pour in the beer.

One drop contains an optimal mix of sucrose and glucose, which provide the simple sugar molecules necessary for the yeast to carbonate the finished beer in the bottle.

Fast, effective, and very easy when bottling a lot of beer.

Description: The bag contains approximately 62 Carbonation Drops, which is enough to carbonate about 62 12oz bottles or 31 22oz bottles of beer. Keep the bag closed right before bottling the beer in order to avoid any contamination, and seal the bag tightly after opening it if there are some drops left.

The drops are shaped in a special way to make it easy to add them to most bottles and don’t require any additional processing to facilitate the carbonation of the beer during bottle conditioning.

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