Hibiscus Flower (2.5oz)

Hibiscus Flower - 2.5 oz (71 g)

  • $4.99

Hibiscus Flower has been used for centuries in everything from tea to punch and beer. It is a very peculiar plant due to its various properties, which made it part of different medicinal traditions all around the globe.

When used in brewing, Hibiscus Flower imparts a very distinct aroma and flavour, which can be compared to that of citrus fruits, as well as a very intense deep red colour. Thus, it can be used both as a colouring agent, and an aromatic spice, able to enhance a variety of beer styles.

Description: This pack contains 2.5oz (70 g) of dried Hibiscus Flower, which is more than enough to be used in a standard sized homebrew batch. In fact, depending on the recipe and the results you want to obtain, this pack may last for several brews.

Take note that Hibiscus Flower will contribute a very peculiar and intense red colouring even when used in small amounts. So you can use it to compliment or substitute certain types of Crystal malts in your grain bill.

It's always great to have such an interesting and potent ingredient in your inventory, since it delivers a possibility for extensive experimentation with your brews.

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