Dark Belgian Candi Sugar - 1lb

Dark Belgian Candi Sugar - 1lb

  • $8.79

When it's time to brew that special Belgian Dark or Trappist Ale, having some Dark Belgian Candi Sugar in your brewing inventory is simply a must. The rich flavour profile that Dark Belgian Strong Ales are famous for are obtained mostly by using this special brewing sugar. And now you can get the same results when brewing a Strong Ale in the comfort of your home.

In its solid form, candi sugar can be stored for years, so make sure to get at least a few packages of this excellent brewing sugar to have the option of brewing more interesting beers in the future.

Usage: Dark Belgian Candi Sugar is an inverted sugar that is temperature treated to a high degree, contributing a very complex flavour profile described by notes of dark chocolate, dark caramel, rum, and toffee. It is highly fermentable by brewer"s yeast, which means that it will contribute to higher ABV. Recommended amount of use is up to 15% of the grain bill for a drier finish and distinct flavour contribution, though can be more for traditional Dubbel and Belgian Dark Strong Ale.

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