Bayou Classic Stainless Steel High Pressure Burner

Bayou Classic Stainless Steel High Pressure Burner

  • $199.99

The welded frame on this Stainless Steel High-Pressure Burner has a 14" diameter cooking surface, which is capable of supporting stockpots and brew kettles up to 25 gallons.

The 360° Windscreen Protection allows you to maintain a consistent and steady flame.

This outdoor propane burner is perfect for getting your 5, 10 and even your 15-gallon batches or wort to a boil extremely fast.

For best results:

Avoid turning the control so high that the flames are jumping up from the burner. You get a little more heat at the cost of a lot more propane. The regulator is capable of delivering a lot more gas than the burner needs, so it's completely normal to never turn the regulator up very far.

The Air Shutter controls the amount of air that gets mixed with propane before burning. The more air, the more oxygen. The more oxygen, the hotter your flame. The most efficient setting is an all-blue flame - give it as much air as possible, stopping just before the point where the flame won't stay lit.

  • 360 Degree Windscreen
  • 12.5" Tall Welded Frame
  • 4" Cast Iron BG10 Burner
  • 14" Diameter Cooking Surface
  • 48" Stainless Steel Braided Hose
  • Fits pots up to 102 Quarts (min. 12" diameter pot)
  • Adjustable 0-10 PSI Regulator with Brass Control Valve
  • Conservative Test Methods Rate this Burner at 60,000 BTU

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