Outdoor Homebrew Starter Kit

Outdoor Homebrew Starter Kit

  • $169.99

It’s time to break free from the kitchen and enjoy brewing in the fresh air!

With the Outdoor Home-brew Starter Kit you can take your brew day virtually anywhere and free up the house from the risk of a messy runaway boil and the clutter of all the homebrew items within the confines of a kitchen or a garage.

It can be the patio, your friend’s country house, lake shore, forest, beach – wherever you can take the cooker and a propane gas tank, there can be a fun and exciting brew session.


The Outdoor Homebrew Starter Kit comes equipped with a high pressure propane burner, stainless steel burner frame, hose assembly and a 24 litre stainless steel stockpot with lid that allows brewing standard 5-gallon batches.

This kit is optimal for extract, partial mash and BIAB brewing, however it can also handle all-grain brewing with the addition of a Hot Liquor Tank and a Mash/Lauter Tun. This unit can also be used for a variety of outdoor large group cooking applications, such as cooking soups, stews, canning vegetables and many other things.

A versatile, flexible and very useful appliance that will make a great addition to your brewing inventory, especially if you enjoy making your beers in the sun.

Important notice:the burner is designed for outdoor use only!

Features: Comes with:
  • Burner and frame, (assembly required)
  • Regular hose assembly
  • 29.3 litre stockpot and lid
  • Brew thermometer
  • Brew paddle
  • All Assembly Hardware Included

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