Outdoor Homebrew Starter Kit

Outdoor Homebrew Starter Kit

  • $189.99

Take your brewing outside! The Outdoor Home-brew Starter Kit makes your brew day more freeing, safe, and clutter-free!

Be creative in finding the perfect spot for your brew session. Set up shop on your patio, a friend's country house, by the lake, in the forest, or on a beach.

Wherever you can bring a cooking device and a propane gas tank, you can enjoy the fresh air and brew some delicious beer!

Comes with:

  • 30 Quart Stainless Steel Kettle with Lid
  • Stainless High Pressure Cooker with 10PSI Propane Regulator
  • 18" Stainless Stir Paddle
  • 12" Stainless Brew Thermometer

Please note: This product is fully packaged from the manufacturer and ships on its own. Other items added to the order will be packaged and shipped separately.

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