American White Oak Barrel - 10L (Medium Toast)

  • $219.99

Infuse your spirits, wine and beer in this Medium Toast flamed interior 10L, American White Oak Barrel. The exterior of this genuine American White Oak Barrel is unvarnished, and it has black stainless alloy rings.

We also have a Stainless Steel Tap with 7/16" - 14 UNC male threading that makes for a more sanitary pour of your medium toasted beverage.

Note: To ensure that your barrel is kept in tip-top shape and ensure a leak-free barrel, some simple maintenance will be required, and they are listed on the instructions. However, should your barrel begin to leak and you need to re-seal it, we do have specially formatted Oak Barrel Sealing Wax.

  • 10L Total Capacity
  • Twist Knob Faucet
  • 100% American Oak
  • Medium Toast Interior
  • Black Stainless Alloy Rings
  • Non-Varnished Raw Exterior
  • Food Grade Reinforced Plastic Screw-in Cork
  • 13" Long
  • 11" Diameter
  • Sits 13" Tall (with stand)
  • 1" Diameter Hole (on top)

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