Lactic Acid - 32oz

Lactic Acid - 32 fl oz (946 ml)

  • $18.49

When you need to decrease the pH of your mash and sparging water and need to do it fast, there’s nothing like a good addition of Lactic Acid. It has a very positive impact on the quality of the wort and the effectiveness of starch conversion during the mash, especially when brewing with highly alkaline water.

For best results, it is strongly recommended to get an accurate water report and use pH strips or a calibrated pH meter for adjusting the exact addition amounts of the acid. It can be used as a substitute for Citric or Phosphoric Acid for pH adjustment.

Description: When used in correct amounts, Lactic Acid can have a tremendous impact on the overall quality of the beer through subtle mash pH adjustment. This is especially true when brewing with hard water that has high pH values.

Lactic Acid can also be used to enhance acidity and provide complexity to sour beers, especially the ones which have been fermented with Lactobacillus cultures. Definitely a great brewing tool to have in your inventory, coming in a generous 32oz container that is very easy to store.

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