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Irish Moss - Approx. 1 oz

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Irish Moss is one of the most popular brewing additives used by homebrewers and professionals alike. Made from a particular type of seaweed, this fining agent clarifies the wort and prevents undesired chill haze, which ultimately makes the beer clearer and more pleasant from the visual aspect.

By promoting the proteins contained in the wort to thicken and ultimately settle down with yeast sediment during fermentation, Irish Moss prevents chill haze in the final beer and makes it more transparent and visually pleasant.

Description: Irish Moss is very simple to work with. It is usually added during the final 15 minutes of the wort boil. Just a single teaspoon is enough to obtain significant results with a standard 5 gallon homebrew batch. You can add it directly from the bag or mix it with water for better distribution in the wort.

Irish Moss will not affect the colour, flavour, or aroma of the beer, and won’t impart any taste to the wort. Use it when brewing lighter beer styles for improved clarity, though dark beers can also benefit from the lack of chill haze.

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