Brewer's Sea Salt - 1oz

Brewer's Sea Salt - 1 oz (28 g)

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In many ways, brewing is very similar to cooking, and you have probably heard countless comparisons of these two processes over the years.

In fact, brewing is cooking, though different methods are employed to achieve the final result. And as spices and finings are used in cooking to achieve specific flavours and make some subtle nuances come to the forefront, one can use these agents to enhance the beer’s flavour profile.

One of such substances, which can greatly enhance flavour perception in your beer, is Brewer's Sea Salt.

Description: Unlike most minerals that are added for water treatment to mash or sparge liquor, Brewer"s Sea Salt is typically added to the boiling kettle at the end of the boil. It is usually employed in stouts, porters, Scotch ales and other malt-forward beers, in which the caramel and honey flavours can be enhanced by a small addition of salt.

When used sparingly, this salt can make all the difference between a good and a great beer. The effect is the same as adding a pinch of salt to your coffee to enhance the roasted notes in the taste. Or you can use it more generously in special beer styles such as Gose, where the salty taste is a desired trait.

With an entire 1 oz packet of Brewer"s Sea Salt you will be able to do a lot of experimenting with your beers.

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