8" X 7 1/2" X 1" Stainless Steel Flush Mount Spray Glass Rinser With Drain Drip Tray

  • $69.99

Serve your homebrew like a Pro. This Flush Mounted drip tray comes complete with a glass rinser and a drain. Mount it under your beer tower to catch those drips, rinse the glass and pour. The drain allows for the extra water or beer to flow away, and you can remove the grill to clean the interior.

This model has a 3/8" drain that comes with a 3/8" brass drain nipple, 3/8" nut, and 3/8" washer. It also features a 4.5" spray glass rinser, enabling you to clean your beer glasses easily. The rinser outputs to a 1/2" Male NPT Nipple that comes with a 5' hose and attachment that has an OD of 3/8" and an ID 1/4".

Installation Requirements:
  • A standard 3/8" compression fitting to hook up the hose
  • Access to a water line to hook up to where you want your drip tray
  • A shut-off valve to turn off the water once you are done using the rinser
  • A water pressure regulator to ensure the pressure isn't greater than 15 PSI to avoid damaging the rinser

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