7.5 Gallon Stainless Steel Graduated Brew Pot - Tri-Clad Induction Ready

  • $169.99

The ultimate brew pot is here, and it’s everything you need to take your brewing system to a whole new level.

The Mash King 7.5 Gallon Stainless Steel Graduated Brew Pot is the perfect addition to any brewing setup, as it can be modified to act as a Hot Liquor Tank, Mash Tun or Brew Kettle, or anything else your heart desires.

You can modify it however you need, as it’s one of the simplest and most reliable Stainless Steel kettles you’ll find on the market. If you want to take the next step and upgrade your brewing setup, this is exactly the piece you were looking for.

Description: Made out of brushed 200 series 19 gauge stainless steel, the Mash King Brew Pot offers a total volume of 7.5 gallons (28.4 litres), which is perfect for batches of 5 gallons and more, with enough headspace to avoid spills or boilovers.

The graduated markings inside the pot make it easy to measure liquid volume and are very easy to clean once the boil is over and the wort has been transferred to the fermenter. The lid fits perfectly and provides solid coverage of the pot, while the handles make it easy to move the pot even when it's full.

The 7.5 Gallon Stainless Steel Graduated Brew Pot features a three layer tri-clad bottom, which helps to prevent wort scorching and formation of unwanted hot spots, while also making it induction compatible.
Features: Approximate Dimensions:
  • 11 1/2" Diameter
  • 16 5/8" Height

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