Insulating Neoprene Beer Tower Jacket - 4 1/2"

  • $24.99

This beer tower insulating cover is crafted from neoprene and designed specifically for compatibility with the Brushed Stainless Steel Four Faucet Beer Tower. The protective sheath is fashioned from robust, 5/8" thick insulating neoprene, a material known for its ability to retain temperature and inhibit condensation accumulation. The jacket can be conveniently slid on and off the beer tower.

The insulator is provided without pre-made cutout holes, offering you the flexibility to create your own tailored to your specific configuration.


  • Neoprene Material
  • 15 3/4" Height
  • 4 1/2" Inner Diameter
  • 5/8" Thick

Product Code: KL15998

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