2 Way Gas Distributor (Manifold) – 1/4” MFL

2 Way Gas Distributor (Manifold) 1/4" MFL

  • $28.49

A manifold is essential for controlling the gas flow within your kegging and dispensing system. With convenient 1/4" MFL connections, you are able to effortlessly attach or detach gas lines by utilizing swivel nuts connected to the tubing. This manifold enables you to efficiently regulate gas flow to two separate kegs, eliminating the necessity for a dual product regulator. For added convenience, the valves have incorporated check valves to effectively hinder any backflow.


  • Corrosion resistant aluminum anodized body
  • Anodized ends to prevent rusting issues
  • Engineered for durability
  • Commercial quality
  • Factory tested for leaks
  • Solid brass inlet with 3/8" OD barb which makes a secure fit on 5/16" ID and 3/8" ID lines
  • Chrome plated brass outlets with 1/4" MFL connections
  • Shut off switches with built in one way check valves on each port to swap out kegs quickly
  • Integrated check balls in each output to prevent back flow and protect your equipment
  • Mounts flush to wall, so it takes up less space


  • 9 1/4" Length
  • 3 1/2" Width

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