Rice Syrup Solids - 1lb

Rice Syrup Solids - 1lb

  • $8.89

A popular ingredient for brewing Light Lager beers, Rice Syrup Solids is similar to dextrose in many ways, only that it is produced from rice.

This sugar contributes to a lighter colour and more neutral, refreshing flavour most industrial Light Lagers and Japanese Lagers are famous for. It also contributes a significant dose of fermentable sugars, which results in higher alcohol content without making the beer too sweet or full-bodied.

Usage: Rice Syrup Solids can be effectively used by all-grain and extract brewers alike as it is added at the later stages of the boil. A single 1lb package is sufficient for boosting the ABV in a standard 5 gallon homebrew batch without making the clean flavour profile of rice too assertive.

For a drier finish and lighter body use more Rice Solids instead of malt or extract. Despite being very popular among commercial brewers for brewing really light and neutral flavoured beers, this brewing adjunct can be used in various beer styles with excellent results.

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