10lb Aluminum CO2 Tank withHandle

10lb Aluminum CO2 Tank with Handle

  • $189.99

Brand: Catalina

The 10 lb Aluminum CO2 Tank with Handle is the perfect solution for keeping your CO2 in check and available whenever you need it.

Whether you’re using it for carbonating your kegs or serving the beer, this tank features the sturdiness and the capacity that are optimal for most homebrewing needs. And with the durable plastic handle, carrying it around won’t be much of a problem.

NOTE: All CO2 tanks ship empty.


The item is shipped empty, since it is illegal to ship a CO2 tank while full.

In case you want to move 10lb Aluminum CO2 Tank with Handle between locations with car or truck, it is officially approved by Transport Canada, so you won't have any legal issues with that. The tank is brand new, coming directly from the factory.

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