Stepped Bottom Design


#1 - Stepped Bottom Design

The new stepped bottom provides benefits for both the Mash Tun and Boil Kettle:

MT: Supports the Spike Brewing 2 stage false bottom which makes a 360° seal along the bottom; no Silicone gasket needed. 99.9% grain filtering efficiency!

BK: Hop material will collect in the bottom dome section making it easier to filter off clear wort.


#2 - 2 Stage False Bottom

Design Features:

  • All stainless design; no Silicone gasket to make a seal
  • Low profile design; extremely low (<.3gal) dead space underneath
  • Best filtering on the market due to dual stage design; 99.9% grain filtering efficiency

Stage 1:
Top plate filters through optimally engineered sized laser cut slits

Stage 2:
Bottom ring supports the grain weight while also filtering the wort again before it reaches the pickup tube.


#3 - Tri-Clad Bottom

The bottom of the kettle is made of a stainless - aluminum - stainless sandwiched core. This provides many benefits:


  • Induction capable
  • Aluminum layer evenly distributes heat along the entire bottom; not just the area directly above the flame.
  • Sits 100% flat; unlike stamped bottom kettles which tend to rock a bit as the bottom is flat.