Bottle Fillers

Beer Bottle Fillers

When we talk about beer bottle fillers we mean the equipment used to fill your bottles, not the contents that you are putting in them. A few of items used to fill beer bottles and growlers are beer guns, bottling spigots, bottling wands and siphons, and we will give you a little information regarding the use of these products. Many home brewers prefer to siphon their beer because it creates a steady flow. The disadvantage, however, is that you have to work fast to avoid spillage. Spigots and wands, on the other hand, are good options for beginners because they have valves the stops the flow of the liquid.

Before you start it is important to properly sanitize the beer bottle filler that you are going to use. This is crucial to avoid introducing any bacteria into your homebrew that can potentially produce off flavours and spoil your beer. Once the tool is sanitized, rinse well and make sure that it is dry.

Now you can start filling your beer bottles. If you use a bottling wand, all you need to do is to push it down to start the flow. Work from one bottle to another while regulating the flow. If you have not previously filtered your beer prior to siphoning you will have to take care once you reach the bottom of the bucket as you might suck up any trub which may have settled at the bottom of your fermenter.

Filling your bottles with beer is best done when you have the right tools. Here at Canuck Homebrew Supply, we have a wide variety of beer bottle fillers to choose from. Sometimes it is trial and error, so it is best to choose the one that will help you save time and effort during the bottling process.

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