Bottle Caps & Cappers

Beer Bottle Caps & Cappers

The type of beer bottle caps you use when sealing your homebrew bottles can affect your beer's final flavour and storage. No matter the design, size or colour, a beer bottle cap should be durable, while the bottle capper should provide a perfectly tight seal when used. That's why at Canuck Homebrew Supply, we carry only the most reliable and durable beer bottle caps, cappers and swing tops to suit your bottle capping needs.

Check out the broad selection of beer bottle capping items compiled in this dedicated category; we are sure you will find exactly what you need. We offer pry-off caps of various colours and print designs, packaged in bags that contain the optimal number of bottle caps for a typical homebrew batch. If you often brew and experiment with various beer styles, using bottle caps of different colours will make it much easier to distinguish between brews, especially that hoppy IPA you just brewed. And we also carry all the capping equipment to help you cap all those bottles with ease.

Do you make and bottle cider or shandy? You can also use these bottle caps to seal in the delicious flavour of those beverages too!

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