When you want your brewing pot and piping connections to be secure and reliable, camlocks are just the type of fitting that will get the job done.

Also known as cam and groove couplings, camlocks are quick disconnect fittings that ensure fast connectivity, ease of use, and no leakage. Use camlock fittings for connecting anything in your brewing system, from water inlet in the hot liquor tank to the ball valve and piping in the boiling kettle, and everything in-between, as they come in a variety of shapes, diameters, and types, to ensure versatility and ease of use.

Canuck Homebrew Supply always carries a broad range of camlock fittings for all your brewing applications, and this category of our site is the place to shop for them. Whether trying to connect your mash tun to the boil kettle or ensure optimal connectivity between the boil kettle and the chiller, we have the right camlock for every application a typical homebrewing system may require. Just shop around and pick the diameters and types that will suit your needs, and you will surely find your brewing setup much simpler to use with camlocks.

Take a look below at the video from Ontario Beer Kegs regarding the types of Camlock and mating them.

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