Stainless Steel Sanke "A" Style Keg Coupler - Squeeze Handle

Stainless Steel Sanke "A" Style Keg Coupler - Squeeze Handle

  • $84.99

This Sanke 'A' Coupler is constructed from durable 304 Stainless Steel and is equipped with a high-capacity pressure relief valve. Designed to work in conjunction with other relief devices, it effectively prevents a keg from surpassing the recommended working pressure. Additionally, it enables the user to alleviate gas pressure, resolving any issues with dispensing. The convenient squeeze lever handle grants the user precise control over the gas flow - simply move it up to turn off and down to turn on.

Installing this Sanke 'A' coupler is a hassle-free process as no special tools are needed. Simply rotate the coupler in a clockwise manner on the keg valve until it is securely in place. Squeezing the lever handle and pushing down opens the keg valve and allows pressure to enter the coupler. You are now ready to dispense. For easy maintenance and cleaning, the coupler can be swiftly disassembled as required.

Product Code: KL06057

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