Kegging Setups

Homebrew Kegging Setups

Kegging and dispensing homemade beer is preferred by many homebrewers today because it is convenient and straightforward. Although not as portable compared to bottled beer (unless you also have a jockey box), a keg system is excellent, especially if you plan to have a party.

A kegging system is comprised of different components, including a Carbon Dioxide or Nitrogen tank, regulator, Cornelius keg, gas and beverage hoses, quick disconnects, taps and a refrigerator, to name a few. This system works by dispensing beer using pressure from the gas inside the Carbon Dioxide or Nitrogen tank. Most beer is dispensed at 8 to 15 PSI, but you can adjust the pressure depending on your preferences.

You can buy a complete kegging set-up from a home brewing supply store or build one yourself. If you are beginning to keg your homebrewed beer, purchasing complete kegging and dispensing set-ups can help eliminate the guesswork as to what you need to purchase. Another great thing about a kegging set-up is not only can you store your beer in a keg, but you can also carbonate your homebrew during storage by adjusting the pressure.

At Canuck Homebrew Supply, we have a wide variety of kegging set-ups that you may purchase. Our kegging set-ups come with all tubing and hardware needed. However, they do not come with Carbon dioxide tanks or the Cornelius keg(s), so you will have to buy them separately. We also have dispensing hardware, conversion kits and couplers for those wanting to dispense from commercial/Sanke kegs.

Homebrew Kegging & Dispensing