Kegging Setups

Homebrew Kegging Setups

Kegging and dispensing homemade beer has become a preferred choice for many homebrewers due to its convenience and straightforward process. While not as portable as bottled beer (unless complemented with a jockey box), a keg system is excellent, particularly for those planning to host a party or share their brew with a larger audience.

A kegging system consists of various components, such as a Carbon Dioxide or Nitrogen tank, regulator, keg, gas and beverage hoses, quick disconnects, taps, and a refrigerator, among others. This system operates by dispensing beer using pressure generated from the gas inside the Carbon Dioxide or Nitrogen tank. Typically, beer is dispensed at 8 to 15 PSI, but the pressure can be adjusted based on personal preferences. This setup offers a convenient and controlled method for storing and serving beer.

You can buy a complete kegging set-up from a home brewing supply store or build one yourself. If you are beginning to keg your homebrewed beer, purchasing complete kegging and dispensing set-ups can help eliminate the guesswork as to what you need to purchase. Another great thing about a kegging setup is not only can you store your beer in a keg, but you can also carbonate your homebrew during storage by adjusting the pressure.