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Jockey boxes are great for home brewers who are always on the go. They allow you to take and dispense your Sanke or Corny kegged home made beer wherever you want to be. You can have beer parties in your backyard or at the park, and still be able to bring your favourite kegged beverage with you, and serve it cold!

Have you ever wondered what a jockey box was or what you needed to make one? A jockey box is an insulated cooler that contains a cooper or stainless steel coil. Both coil ends are attached to a shank that goes through the wall of the cooler. One shank is for attaching your beverage line, the other for attaching a dispensing faucet. So how does a jockey box dispense cold beer? You fill the cooler with ice and cold water, as your beer goes though the coil it is chilled.

When using a jockey box, make sure that all fittings are still tight after the system has cooled, as the cold temperature may cause the seals to shrink, which may allow your beer or CO2 to leak. Moreover, keep your jockey boxes away from direct sunlight. If you cannot find a shaded area nearby, you can insulate the jockey box with a thick blanket, plus you can place a keg jacket, parka or ice blanket (depending on size) on your keg. Keep in mind that if the keg becomes warm, you will need more pressure to dispense your beer which might use up your entire Carbon dioxide source even before all your beer has been dispensed.

At Canuck Homebrew Supply you can choose from either a pre-built pin or ball lock style single dispensing jockey box, complete with a Canadian made 60' custom wort chiller coil, regulator, tubing, disconnects, faucet(s) and more. Or - you may buy an insulated cooler and the parts needed and build your own.

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