Homebrewing Additives

Homebrewing Additives

Regardless of your attitude towards homebrewing additives and finings, there’s no denying the fact that they can provide a great deal of help in a very broad range of situations. Whether you want to get the clearest beer possible, make sure that your yeast will have all the nutrients for fermentation, or stabilize the pH of your mash, there are various additives to do the job. And at Canuck Homebrew Supply you will always find the right fining agents for the task at hand.

Browse our selection of brewing finings and additives, and you will find a large assortment of agents that will help you achieve better results with your beers. We offer solutions for foam reduction, mash pH adjustment, brewing water mineral balance adjustment, wort and beer clarification, yeast nutrition and many others.

All of these agents have been approved for food production by the FDA, are safe to use in brewing, and won’t affect the taste of your beer. Most professional commercial brewers use brewing additives for achieving stable and consistent results in their beers, and now you can do it too.

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