Gas Fittings & Valves

Gas Fittings & Valves

Having quality fittings can make all the difference in your dispensing system, especially when it comes to dealing with gas. Whether you’re using CO2 or a custom gas blend to carbonate and serve your beers, even a small faulty fitting can make things really messy. That’s why it’s important to get quality gas fittings that fit perfectly with your gas tank, regulator, keg and beer tower right from the start.

At Canuck Homebrew Supply we offer a broad selection of gas fittings that are designed for various applications.

No matter what keg lock type, regulator, gas manifold or faucet system you have installed, you will surely find the right fittings and valves for repairing or expanding your system. From brass barb and elbow tailpieces to regulator replacement knobs and dedicated tubing assemblies, you will find it all in this section of our store.

Check out the broad selection of gas fittings, valves and accessories in this category and you will surely find the right piece for your kegerator or keezer setup.

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