Drip Trays

Drip Trays

Drip trays are made out of various materials, we feature brushed and polished stainless steel. They can be surface or wall mounted, come with or without a drain.

The purpose of a drip tray is to catch any overflow from a glass, stein or other drinking vessel, as well drips coming from your leaky beer faucet. You could use a cloth or dish rag to wipe up the mess, but with a drip tray it will catch all the liquids and be contained in one area (and with a drained tray it will flow out of your tray).

If you are using a pass through system (by which your faucet is mounted on the wall and your beer passes through via a beer shank), you will want to look at our wall mounted drip trays. These trays come with keyhole mounting, back splashes, with or without drainage and they do have a removeable tray for easy cleaning.

A surface mount drip tray is one that will sit on your countertop or kegerator, once again it has a removeable tray for cleaning and they come with or without a drain. Some of these surface mount trays also come with a 3 inch cutout that fits snug up against our draft beer towers. Depending on your setup you may prefer a flush mount drip tray with drain. The lip on these drip trays sit flush with the surface and they wipe off easily.

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