Crushed Grains (0.5lb)

Crushed Brewing Grains (0.5lb)

Whether brewing a small batch or using a selection of specialty grains that usually make up only a small percentage of the overall grain bill, having the option to source crushed grains in a convenient half-pound package is always handy for the experimental all-grain homebrewer. From the cleanest base malts that can be used in a broad range of recipes to all types of roasted malts, crystal malts, adjuncts and alternative grains. This section of Canuck Homebrew Supply shows all the milled grains that we package in convenient 0.5 pound bags.

Pre-crushed grains allow you to brew all-grain beers without needing a grain mill of your own, which usually takes up a lot of space and tends to create a lot of mess. However, with some grains you don’t actually need a large package, since their use is typically limited to ounces within a given homebrewing recipe. That’s where dedicated 0.5 pound crushed grain packages come in handy. Very useful when buying crystal and roasted malts that you can add directly into the mash fresh from the vacuum package without losing any of their flavour or aroma during a longer storage period.

Note: This category contains half pounds of crushed grain.

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