Yeast Culturing

Yeast Culturing Equipment

Culturing yeast is a practice many homebrewers consider to be just too complicated. However, when done right, and with a few inexpensive pieces of yeast culturing equipment this process can significantly cut your costs and help you get more consistent results with your homebrew, and you don’t need a degree in biochemistry and a lab coat to do it!

Another reason to consider making yeast starters is that many times you will find that your favourite yeast is not available. This can be due to production issues or some many be seasonal only. Thinking ahead and purchasing the equipment you need to culture your own yeast can keep you brewing year round with your favourite yeasts.

The main idea behind yeast culturing is that there’s plenty of viable yeast that can be cultured during and after fermentation has been carried out. If selected and propagated properly, the harvested yeast can be re-pitched to ferment another batch of beer, without requiring any fresh yeast additions. And this process can be repeated several times! As a result, you can cut down your yeast requirements significantly, and respectively get a lower cost per batch of beer produced. And we have all the yeast culturing equipment you’ll need to start harvesting, separating, culturing and propagating your yeast at home!

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