Malt Mills

Malt Mills for Crushing Grains

When brewing all-grain batches having a reliable malt mill is always a must. Of course, you can always choose to brew with pre-milled malts, which will deliver good results. But nothing will ever beat the ability to have malt that is freshly milled to the desired fraction size right before mashing in. That’s why having a good sturdy malt mill in your brewing inventory is always a good idea.

At Canuck Homebrew Supply you will always have a good selection of malt mills and milling accessories to choose from. Depending on your average batch size and budget, you will find the optimal solution for getting those grains ready for mashing in a fast and comfortable way. Check out the different hopper sizes available with the mills in order to pick the model that’s right for your average grain bill.

With proper cleaning and maintenance a good grain mill will last you for decades and help you brew hundreds upon hundreds of batches. So make sure to pick a model that’s right for your needs and start brewing those tasty all-grain beers today!

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