Five Star Chemical

When it comes to cleaning and sanitizing solutions, there’s no other company like the US-based Five Star Chemicals. Any brewer, whether a hobbyist or professional, who has ever used one of their products, knows how much of a difference they can make when it’s time for thorough cleaning. Five Star products have already become an industry standard, and we at Canuck Homebrew Supply are happy to offer the full range of homebrewing solutions directly from the manufacturer.

Best known for its non-foaming sanitizers such as Star San, Five Star Chemicals offers a broad range of products that will suit any homebrewing need. If you have a tough case of beer stone in your brewing vessel, the Beer Stone Remover will do the job and help you get rid of the pesky sediment. If you need to sanitize your fermenter or rinse the bottles before use, there’s a whole range of specialized sanitizers to choose from, including Star San, Sani Clean and IO-Star. And you can get them in different packaging sizes, which offers great flexibility depending on your actual cleaning and sanitizing needs.