Brewing Tubing

Brewing Tubing

When choosing the brewing tubing to connect your keg to your dispensing equipment, you must select food-grade beverage lines. We carry only odourless and tasteless vinyl and silicone tubing for this purpose, approved by the FDA for food production. All the brewing hoses shown can withstand high temperatures, typical in the beer brewing process.

No matter how big or small your homebrew setup might be, having reliable brewing tubing to connect all the vessels is always essential. Even if you have a top-of-the-line Mash Tun or Boiling kettle, using incorrect or leaking brew tubing can turn the whole experience of brewing your beer into a nightmare.

Depending on your brewing vessels' size, you may need tubing in different diameters since it will directly affect the flow rate of water and wort between the pots. You will also need to check the barbs' size on your hardware and equipment to ensure that the hose you are buying will fit correctly. Look at the different options available and pick the brewing tubing that will fit your needs and existing hardware.

Remember, it is crucial to keep your brewing tubing clean, and you should do so after each batch. We recommend that you clean your beverage lines every two weeks or with every keg changeover, and we have the cleaners for you to do the job correctly.

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