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Everyone’s favourite hobby! And who doesn’t like brewing beer? But you are going to need the right equipment to get the job done and if you are reading this, then you are at the right place. At Canuck Homebrew Supply you’ll find that we are selling the best gear and ingredients for all of your homebrew needs. We would like to welcome our newest supplier Spike Brewing. 

For starters, if you are wanting to take it a step further with all grain brewing you’ll find all the beer equipment you need below. You’ll find Bazooka Screens & False Bottoms and attachments for your cooler converted mash tun or bucket.

The importance of hygiene is one that cannot be forgotten about. Check out our Cleaning & Sanitizing section and there you’ll find powdered and liquid cleaner, beer stone removal liquid or B.S Removal as we like to call it. The last thing you would want is all your hard work to go down the drain, so ensure that you take your time to clean and sanitize everything that touches your beer.

Homebrewing Equipment

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