Cider Recipe Kits

Want to brew an excellent hard, pear, or strawberry cider but don’t know where to start? Love the taste of cider but it’s hard to source all the ingredients in your area for making one?

With these cider recipe kits you will be able to make excellent ciders without worrying about the recipes or ingredients. Just order the one you’d like to make, open the package with all the ingredients included, read the instructions, follow the recipe thoroughly, and you will be able to enjoy an excellent cider made by you!

At Canuck Homebrew Supply we always have an assortment of excellent cider kits for you to choose from. These cider recipe kits offer a great way to explore the exciting world of cider making in a very laid-back and convenient way. Based on successful commercial examples, each of these recipe kits will allow you to make up to 6 gallons (22.7 litres) of quality hard cider and enjoy it with your friends. Just pick the one you like the most and try it out – you will definitely be excited with the results.