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When it comes to liquid yeast, White Labs is undeniably one of the most popular yeast labs in the USA, famous for a huge variety of pure yeast strains, yeast blends, brewer's bacteria, and other microbiological products used for fermenting virtually any alcoholic beverage out there. One of the main selling points of White Labs yeast is the ease of use associated with their products, as well as the variety of strains readily available for any beer style. At Canuck Homebrew Supply, we always strive to have their complete inventory of available White Lab products in stock and on our website.

Do you ever see that your favourite White Labs Yeast has been sold out on our site? Do you think that we forgot to order it? We are constantly ordering and stocking our cooler with the most popular and best selling White Labs yeasts, however from time to time you will see a 'Sold Out' posted across some varieties. Why? Yeast, like beer and fine wine, takes time to produce, and some yeasts are still in the 'Vault'. That is why you will see certain strains available for short periods and only during certain times of the year.

Is there a particular strain of White Labs yeast that always seems to be 'Sold Out'? Maybe it is time to reuse your yeast, and you can by making a yeast starter. Head on over to our Yeast Culturing Equipment page and find everything you need to start culturing your yeast. Save money and be prepared with the White Labs yeast you want to use by making a yeast starter.

Please be advised that all of the attributes that we have entered for White Labs Yeasts concerning Attenuation, Flocculation, Alcohol Tolerance and Optimum Fermentation Temperature have been obtained directly from the White Labs website.

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