Brett Brux Trois Vrai - WLP648

Brett Brux Trois Vrai - WLP 648

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The authentic Brettanomyces strain from the Bruxelles region of Belgium, WLP648 Bruxellensis Trois Vrai, is the very agent responsible for the unique flavours and aromas of such beer styles as Lambic, Flanders Brown, Geuze, and other Belgian Sour Beers.

The very descriptor vrai (“true” in French) indicates that it’s the original strain traditionally used by brewers of the Senne valley. It is a rather assertive strain that delivers pronounced sour notes with notes of pear, which is used mainly for primary wort fermentation.

Description WLP648 Bruxellensis Trois Vrai is characterized by very high attenuation, which results in dry, crisp, and tart beers. The unique flavour character of Brettanomyces is amplified in this strain, making it rather direct and assertive.

WLP648 is mainly employed during primary fermentation in sour beers, but can also be used for secondary fermentation in a broader range of styles, adding complexity and unexpected flavours to non-sour beers.

This strain can serve as a good introduction into the world of sour beers, mixed fermentation, and wild yeast, however, for some beginners the flavours and character WLP648 may be too intense and unexpected, compared to milder strains such as WLP645.
Attributes: Attenuation: 85% - 85%
Flocculation: Low
Alcohol Tolerance: Medium - High (8 - 12%)
Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 70°F - 85°F

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