US HBC 366 Hop Pellets - 1oz

US HBC 366 Hop Pellets - 1 oz (28 g)

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Usage: Aroma

Aroma: Strong aroma, with citrus, herbal and floral tones. Hints of fruits and vegetables, such as papaya, apple, green pepper, lemon, and lime.

Used to be called 'Equinox'

US HBC 366 Hop Pellets - 1oz

One of the most recent experimental hops to be launched commercially, Equinox has spread like wildfire among craft brewers. And it takes only a single brew to understand why this variety has become so popular. Primarily considered as an aroma hop, despite its high alpha acid content, Equinox delivers an unparalleled mix of apples, papaya, lime, grapefruit and tangerine aromas that just blow you away with their intensity. Works wonders in hop-forward beers such as Pale Ale, IPA and Double IPA, Equinox is one of the fruit-forward hop varieties that has set the tone in modern American IPA in recent years. A true joy to brew with.
  • Alpha: 13 - 15.5%
  • Beta: 4 - 5%
  • Co-H: 31 - 36% of alpha acids
  • Total Oil: 2.5 - 4 mL/100g

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