Ss Brewtech Brew Kettle - 20 Gallon

  • $395.99

Great for all grain brewing this 20-gallon, tri-clad bottomed brew kettle from SS BrewTech has all the features you would expect - a 3 piece 304 ss ball valve, pick up tube and trub dam. This brew kettle also comes with 2 drilled, plugged holes for adding weldless accessories. 

We recommended that you do not add more items to your cart (hoping to have them shipped inside the kettle) when purchasing this brew kettle. Placing items inside the brew kettle may cause damage. We will not assume any liability should you choose to have items placed inside the kettle prior to shipping.

  • 20 Gallon Capacity
  • Certified food grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • High quality fittings/valves
  • Weldless fittings
  • Riveted handle
  • The lid rests on the side handles
  • Carry handles - carry when full!
  • 21.25" H x 17.7" W product dimensions
  • Silicone handle grips
  • 7/8" recirculation port
  • Graduated markings (both litres and gallons)

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