10 Gallon SS Brewtech Brew Kettle

10 Gallon SS Brewtech Brew Kettle

  • $249.99

Looking for the perfect 10 gallon brew kettle to take your brewing system to the next level?

Well, look no further! The 10 Gallon SS Brewtech Brew Kettle is the perfect vessel to build your brewhouse around, as it features the sturdiness and reliability of professional brewing equipment packed into a compact homebrewing format.

With a Tri-Clad bottom that is induction heating compatible, and thick stainless steel walls, this kettle provides optimal temperature distribution that is necessary for getting that perfect wort boil.


10 Gallon SS Brewtech Brew Kettle

This boiling kettle by SS Brewtech delivers a total volume of 10.7 gallons (40.5 litres), which allows brewing larger batches. It features thick 304 stainless steel walls that will last a lifetime, and a Tri-Clad bottom, which makes the kettle induction compatible and also eliminates the risk of wort scorching during the boil. The kettle and lid handles feature comfortable silicone grips, which make handling the pot really simple. Inside the kettle you will find volume markings, as well as a trub dam that minimizes trub pickup when transferring the wort to the fermenter. The kettle comes with a stainless steel ball valve installed, as well as two pre-drilled holes for additional accessories such as a probe thermometer.
Features: Features:
  • 10.7 gallon capacity
  • Thick SS304 walls
  • Certified food grade
  • Tri-clad bottom
  • Etched volume markings
  • Silicone Grip Handles
  • Riveted Handles
  • Two drilled plugged holes for additional weldless accessories
  • Pick up tube
  • Trub dam
  • SS304 three piece ball valve

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