White Belgian Soft Candi Sugar

White Belgian Soft Candi Sugar - 1lb

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White Belgian Soft Candi Sugar is an excellent brewing ingredient that is traditionally used by Belgian brewers in order to obtain higher ABV values in Tripels and Saisons without making them overly sweet or full-bodied.

Comprised of simple sugar molecules, candi sugar is easily processed by most strains of brewers yeast without leaving too much unfermented compounds behind. As a result, the sugar doesn't affect the colour and the flavour profile of the beer, adding alcohol and dryness to the aftertaste, which is a distinct feature of most traditional Belgian Ales.

Usage: White Belgian Soft Candi Sugar can easily be employed in both extract and all-grain recipes with excellent results.

Just add the desired amount during the boil or after primary fermentation and you will be able to obtain higher ABV without using too much malt that will make the beer cloyingly sweet and dense.

Recommended amount of use is around 15% for most beer styles, though can be added at higher rates for a more pronounced dryness and higher alcohol content.

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