Omega Yeast OYL210 Brett Blend #1 Where Da Funk?

Omega Brett Blend #1 Where Da Funk? - OYL210

  • $11.49

Brett Blend #1 "Where Da Funk?" consists of two Saccharomyces strains (once classified as Bretts) and a Colorada brewery strain. You will notice a huge tropical fruit aroma, however, this will fade slightly during conditioning.

"Where Da Funk?" finishes very dry, has a wide temperature range, but not much body (added flaked oats will help with this). Low acidity is consistent even with extended ageing.

We do ship all liquid yeast with an ice pack; however, we do recommend that you consider purchasing a Metallic Insulated Yeast Mailer. These insulated mailers hold two Omega yeasts pouches (with ice packs) and will keep your yeast cold for an additional 24 hours. 

OYL210 Brett Blend #1 Where Da Funk?

  • Attenuation: 78-88% 
  • Flocculation: Very Low 
  • Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 68-80°F 
  • Alcohol Tolerance: High (11%)

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