Oxygenator Kit with Tank

Oxygenator Kit with Tank

  • $239.99

Properly oxygenating the wort can make all the difference in a homebrew, and most advanced brewers know how important it is.

That’s why the Oxygenator Kit with Tank should be on top of your to-buy list if you want to take your beers to the next level. Infusing the wort with proper amounts of oxygen is crucial for yeast viability and will greatly influence the results of fermentation.

With the Oxygenator Kit with Tank you will be able to do just that in the most effective and comfortable way there is.

Description: The kit is comprised of a refillable O2 tank, which is ISO certified and compatible with the Canadian safety standards. The tank is large enough to be used in up to 500 batches of standard 5 gallon brews before a refill will be required. At the same time, it's quite compact and is easy to carry around.

The O2 regulator included with the kit allows fine tuning the exact amount of oxygen released into the wort depending on style, gravity and yeast pitching rates.

The stainless steel tube makes it easy to infuse the wort with oxygen through the 2 micron stone attached to its end, and is also easy to clean.

All the necessary piping is included as well, so the kit is ready for use right out of the box.

Box contents:

  • Refillable CF02 tank (good for 500 batches)
  • O2 regulator that allows measurement to exact oxygen amounts released
  • 5 feet of tubing and hose clamps
  • Sanitary filter
  • Stainless steel tube with a 2 micron stone attached
  • Tank Measures 17 3/4" Tall by 5" in Diameter

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