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Blichmann Oxygen Flow Regulator

  • $59.99

Not enough oxygen in your wort, or maybe too much? To combat this problem, Blichmann has created the Oxygen Flow Regulator.

Or maybe you have been dealing with off flavours in the beer, not reaching final gravity or stunted yeast growth and didn't know why. These problems could be the result of improper levels of oxygen in the wort. One way to achieve final gravity is, the yeast needs to reach the proper growth rate of 8-10 parts per million.

Blichmann's oxygen flow regulator offers a precision dial to read the flow rates, allowing you to take control of the oxygen in the wort.

  • Accurately dissolved oxygen levels every time!
  • 1/4" MFL oxygenation line hook-up
  • Standard CGA 540 connection
  • Precision dial allows for different flow rates

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