Toasted Oak Sticks - French Medium

2 Toasted Oak Sticks - French Medium

  • $16.99

Add the wonderful barrel-aged character to your next beer with the French Medium Toasted Oak Sticks. These sticks were sourced from an actual French oak barrel, and designed specifically to satisfy the homebrewer’s needs.

Their shape and size are perfect for adding the sticks to secondary fermentation buckets or glass carboys, while also providing a large surface area that infuses the beer with the distinct flavours of French medium toasted oak.

Usage: These sticks are a great way to enhance an Imperial Stout, Saison or Barleywine, but they can certainly be used in virtually any beer style where a distinct barrel feel is required.

With flavours of cinnamon, light spice, fruit and wood, the French medium toasted oak can take your beer to a whole new level of complexity and refinement.

Just put the sticks in the secondary fermenter and let the beer contact it for at least a week, and you will start noticing the distinct French oak flavours.

These sticks can be used for aging beer, wine, cider, whiskey, or any other alcoholic beverage that will benefit from having an oak barrel character to it.

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