Toasted Oak Sticks - American Medium

Toasted Oak Sticks - American Medium

  • $14.99

The American Medium Toasted Oak Sticks lend pronounced fruit and wood flavours to the beer, which can be a great way to enhance a stout, porter or Scotch ale. But you can also use the sticks in just any beer style where the oak barrel character is deemed appropriate.

Using the sticks is quite simple: add them to the maturation tank after the beer has been racked off yeast and let them sit for a couple of weeks for the best result. The sticks are designed to fit most fermentation buckets and carboys, so using them for your next homebrew batch won’t be a problem.

You can also age mead, wine, cider or whiskey with these sticks to get that distinct American oak feel in the drink.

Usage: Whenever you want to get that distinct barrel character in your beer, it's always easier and simpler with the American Medium Toasted Oak Sticks.

Sourced from an actual American medium toast barrel, these oak sticks provide an elegant solution for obtaining the characteristic flavours of barrel aging in the homebrewing format.

While it may be problematic to obtain an actual oak barrel, especially one that will suit the typical homebrewing volumes, with these oak sticks you can always get that distinct barrel feel to your beer regardless of batch size.

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